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I'm Stephanie B.

Training and Productivity Expert with

20+ Years of Professional Experience.

My WHY is TO EMPOWER my nephew who was diagnosed with ADHD last year; to ENCOURAGE the mothers who are feeling hopelessly overwhelmed with schooling neurodiverse brains and working full time from home; for the parents who have ADHD and don't even know it; to SEND A WAKEUP CALL TO the HEALTHCARE COMMUNITY, THAT CALL US DISABLED AND WANT TO APPLY A ONE SIZE FITS ALL APPROACH IN OUR LEARNING, LIVING AND WORKING ENVIRONMENT, INSTEAD OF ACKNOWLEDGING  that ADHD is a REAL neurodiverse SUPERPOWER.


My WHY is TO SPEAK OUT for the millions of people out there who are surviving when they were meant to THRIVE


For my Psychotherapist, who was sent as a reflection of what ADHD coaching can look like. For those ADHDers surviving at work, afraid to tell their bosses that they have ADHD and THAT THEY need accommodations TO SUPPORT THEM, AND FOR ANYONE SILENTLY HARBORING the stigma OF BEING AN ADHD CARRIER


This leads me to why I chose to build a training and development company, focusing on leveraging how each person's brain works, your potential, current skill, interests in social change, and most importantly individuality. 


ADHD is not a disability. We aren't meant to work in a one size fits all environment. So what do we do? We create our own place and rename our superpower with skills, strengths, and weaknesses like any other person in the world. So what shall we call ourselves? Human BEINGS!


Now, for my background...I have trained and mentored over 3,000 people from various industries including restaurant, technology, real estate, the entertainment industry, and entrepreneurship. My areas of focus were always how to maximize productivity in less time, producing a greater result coupled now with habit building over time.


To learn more join our free Habit Breaking webinar for ADHDers called "Power Your Productivity" today!

You Will Learn How To


Break Procrastinating and Impulsive Habits


Improve your confidence in yourself


Be Fucking Original! There are enough copycats.

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