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These validating workshops are held every Sunday from 11am-1pm PST.  These sessions support you with the overwhelm you feel when it comes to goal setting and time management. These memberships were created to enhance the quality of your life. 


Tools You Will Need

  • Plain Paper
  • Colorful Markers
  • Notes App for iOS users



From this membership you will learn and be able to:


  • Successfully Breakdown, Identify, Clarify, Prioritize, Activate and COMPLETE Your Goals
  • Identify and customize a system that works BEST for your brain type
  • Identify the triggers that detour your plans
  • Learn what to delegate and what to ideate
  • Build a greater sense of self-awareness 
  • Learn how to avoid and or decrease overwhelm
  • Learn how to better organize your thoughts
  • Set Milestones and Breakdown Tasks
  • Brainstorm and create a timeline to meet your goals in the way that best works for you
  • Set Realistic Deadlines 
  • Be and Feel Productive 


You will also gain access to our community along with a wealth of insight on how to adult with our brain type.


Proven and Continuing Science-Backed Facts About Our System

  • Coaching (coupled with one of the following below), is scientifically proven to help you learn, apply and maintain a CONSISTENT system to enhance your ability to breakdown tasks, manage your time, get organized and THRIVE in life. As mentioned before we strongly suggest that you couple coaching with one or more of the following:
  • Exercise and a Clean Diet has been shown to support health goals when it comes to brain fog and energy. 
  • Creating and Maintaining a healthy enviornment at home, at work and in your relationship has been shown to help with mood, mindset and focus.


Proven Science-Based Facts to Support Our System

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Medication are proven science-backed solutions to support you as an adult living with your brain type. 
  • Pscyhaitrist and Medication


For private one-one sessions, you can schedule one HERE for an additional fee. 

Weekly Priority Planning Membership

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Weekly Planing Works
Ditch the overwhelm, set and reach your goals
$47.00every month until canceled
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